As the popularity of non-cash transactions continues to grow around the world, businesses are increasingly adopting the POS systems. While the banks and financial institutions must ensure that they provide a powerful, functionally rich POS System that will enable them to increase revenue growth, reduce operational costs and improve customer satisfaction, which at the same time complies with the high security requirements in the payments industry. We pride ourselves in bridging the gap in efficiently delivering the point-of-sale (POS) equipment to clients.

Not only do Red Star Support Services engage in delivering this equipment, we also provide ongoing store level technical support. Store level technical support offered by Red Star Support Services’ skilled and knowledgeable team means that they will deliver the POS equipment to businesses, we do the necessary set up and installation, and provide ongoing assistance with any post-sales technical issues.

Our technical support after the delivery of a cash register, an electronic scale, or a pin pad to businesses, including:

  • Parts distribution
  • Break-fix or swap
  • Installation/move/addition/change (IMAC)
  • Returns
  • Repairs
  • Procurement management

With the combination of delivery, installation and post-sales support for our clients, we remove the need for outsourcing multiple services to get your business running. Consequently, introducing cost effectiveness and saving you time through efficient and productive POS delivery and support programs.

Our POS Support Solutions have available the following components to achieve a successful service solution:

  • Technicians
  • Inventory
  • Same day transportation

We leverage on our already existing structure, 154 locations nationwide and 42 operational hubs to provide technical support that reduces your client’s downtime and performs much, more for you as a valued client from the moment your equipment is delivered to continuously troubleshooting the technical issues that may occur as this equipment is being used.


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