Over the years, we have come to understand the unique needs of our customers and have continually engaged ourselves in the business of providing efficient, cost effective, reliable and stress-free services to our esteemed clientele in the Banking, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing and other Retail services sector of the Nigerian economy.


This is a dedicated service, which involves the provision and maintenance of Vehicles of our clients’ choice, experienced and reliable Drivers for Corporate Organizations, Business Executives and Senior Management of Banks, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing and other Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies in Nigeria.



Red Star Support Services Dedicated Shuttle Services:

  • Red Star will provide Vehicles of customers’ choice.
  • Depreciation will be done on the Vehicles depending on the standard vehicle specification life span of the Vehicle.
  • Vehicles will be replaced by Red Star if damaged occurred before depreciating year.
  • The vehicle and driver will only be dedicated to your organization.
  • Vehicle at the beck and call of the clients need.
  • Repairs, fueling and maintenance are borne by the supplier (RSS).
  • Vehicle statutory documentation are sole borne by the suppliers (RSS).
  • Statutory and valid license for all attached personnel (Drivers).
  • Knowledge of environment land marks of the metropolis of our driver.
  • Effective monitoring of the fleet mobility.
  • Payment cost of fleet is spread over a convenient period of time.
  • Wide range of vehicle brand, model and type to choose from.


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