As a brand, one of the most important things for your business is your packaging. Your packaging is what announces, introduces you, and makes people remember you. In fact, your packaging gives you an identity.

It is quite apt to say that without good packaging, you limiting your business. It is also right to say that as a business, in order to succeed, you need expert packaging services. In order words, you need us.

Red Star Express Plc offers the best packaging services in Nigeria. We offer a wide range of solutions for your packaging of various sorts. These include wrappers, containers, boxes and cartons, pouches, labeled boxes, paper bags, plastic, bags, and even bottles.

As a company, you need to partner with a packaging company that is only great at packaging, but is also great at communicating the essence of your business as well as the vision you have your brand through packaging. We ensure that our packaging and prints are not only eye-catching and marketable but are also designed to start the test of time.

Red Star Express Plc aims to create packaging that grabs the attention of buyers.  We aim to help you make an unshakeable name in a market full of competitors.


We understand the market

At Red Star Express Plc, we believe that before the creation of a package of a product, the most important thing is understanding the market. As the experts, we have seen a package do fabulously well for one product and fail horribly for another. The reason? The market.

Creators of packages must fully understand what is most appealing to the chose market. At Red Star Express Plc, we put in a generous amount of time to understanding the market in order to make sure that it enters the market with an unforgettable bang.

We project your brand through our packaging

Your business is a result of a dream, an idea, and a thought. While there may be several other businesses that offer the service that you do, there is none that has the same through process and work put in as yours does. Hence, your business is unique. We believe in portraying that uniqueness and creating a package that will suit your business alone because there is no other business that is exactly like yours.

We have the best customer service

To ensure that you have the best services offered to you, we have made our customer care lines available round the clock. Our lines are manned by experienced professionals whose aims are to offer you help in any direction which it is recovered from.

We offer competitive prices

We offer competitive price packages to ensure that partnering with us becomes your only option.

We offer our service anywhere in Nigeria

Red Star Express packaging services are available anywhere in Nigeria. We are only one call away from getting you that unique packing that your business needs to give you a larger audience.

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