Do you have a catering business that you would like to improve by spreading your reach across a broader scope?  Do you want to increase your ability to deliver your tasty meals in shorter periods of time so that your meals are delicious, hot, and fresh? Red Star Express Plc is the courier service you need.

Red Star Express Plc is a food delivery service company in Nigeria. We offer expert food delivery services across all the thirty-six states of Nigeria, including the FCT, Abuja.

At Red Star Express Plc, we understand the value of speed, precision, and care when it comes to delivering meals. We also understand that whatever means through which food is delivered has to be tailored and designed to deliver meals as they should be.

Furthermore, we understand that poor logistics services can lose the catering company’s clients. As such, we have designed and improved our services in order to model them to be able to compete and effectively beat the best.


We operate everywhere in Nigeria

In order to eliminate any worries that are related to logistics on your part, we have expanded the reach of our services to settle in every state in Nigeria including Abuja. This means that irrespective of how many branches you open and where you open, the only food delivery service in Nigeria that you need is Red Star Express Plc.

Our riders are thoroughly screened and handpicked

 When it comes to delivery, a lot depends on the driver. For starters, the driver’s ability to drive in such a way that the presentation of the meal is not damaged matters a lot. The driver’s ability to keep to time and handle the package without levity is also important. 

Lastly, it is the driver whom the client will come in contact with.  The attitude of the driver as well as the way the meal is handled happens to be the icing on the cake. Since we at Red Star Express Plc understand this, we screen every driver that works with us very thoroughly.  We want our client’s clients to have only the best.

Competitive Prices

We offer competitive price packages to ensure that partnering with us becomes your only option.

Traceable Drivers

 To prevent any inconsistencies or break in communication, we ensure that all our delivery vehicles can be tracked.

Standard Customer Care

To ensure that you have the best services offered to you, we have made our customer care lines available round the clock. Our lines are manned by experienced professionals whose aims are to offer you help in any direction which it is recovered from.


CONTACT Us Today For Your Food Delivery in Nigeria

Red Star Express Plc offers the best food delivery services in Nigeria. Our services do not compromise quality in order to keep you coming back for more. We believe that our clients are also our business partners. Hence, a win for you is a win for use.

Contact us today to learn more about our services. We have customer care representatives that are ready to render any help or inform you about our services and answer any questions you may have.


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